#1 Recommended and Trusted Company in

Seattle and Surrounded Area by most of Distributing Companies in WA State like Columbia and Click.
Many Breweries do trust their business to us as well!

Professional Cleaning of the Beer Taps and Lines.

Professional Cleaning of the Wine Taps and Lines.

Professional Cleaning of the Faucets and Sankeys.

Lease, Installation and Service of BLM-2000 & BLM-Q.

(Electronic Beer Lines Maintenance & Cleaning System. "8 weeks VS 2 weeks Cleaning").

Lease, Installation and Service of Foam Detection System.

Installations, Repairs, Replacements, Upgrades and More...

Emergency Beer and CO2 System Repair.
GUARANTEED Perfect Job or it's FREE for 1 Year!!!
GUARANTEED Best Rates than Anyone else!
24/7 Free Emergency Call.

Commercial and Residential Customers Welcome!
Providing Services to over 400 Bars and Restaurants!
Providing Services to over 50 private offices in Seattle and Bellevue!
We provide services to private homes too!

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 4am - 10pm
Saturday, Sunday: On Call
Emergencies: 24/7

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Large Service Area

From Lynden, WA to Olympia, WA

120+ Mile Service Area!

Call to see if we service your area.

Tapman Services, LLC

Phone: (206)432-7982

Tapman Services, LLC

P.O. Box 6105,

Seattle, WA 98064

Phone. 206-432-7982

Email. tapmanservice@gmail.com